Borehole Videography

Borehole Videography|Zed Geotechnics & Construction in Mumbai,IndiaBorehole Videography in Mumbai

Borehole Videography is conducted to obtain continuous record of the condition of masonary of a dam from within the inside of a predrilled hole or to see the stratigraphy of a borehole in rock drilled for the purpose of Geotechnical Investigation or Quarry Investigation.

The apparatus essentially consists of a self focussing weatherproof and waterproof camera of dimensions such that, it can lower itself inside a borehole of 76mm dia., a cable with connectors attached to a winch drum, a video recorder with a DVD writer and a Display screen for observations. A battery back up or alternate source of electric power should be kept handy. The camera should have infra red lighting arrangements, so that it records the details in total darkness also. During lowering of camera required and prominent observations are made with respect to the depth.