Resurrection of Drainage Systems of Dam

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We have had a long history of having worked on Dams for solving problems and in the process we have identified some few problems which are perennial to almost all the dams across India which are more than 15-20 years old

> Choking up of Vertical Porous Drain Pipes (VPD), due to which water is not drained through galleries. Instead leakage water tends to come out from the downstream face of the dam, leading to development of unwanted pressures in the dam body.

> Choking up of Gravity Drain Pipes due to leaching action ultimately leading to flooding of Foundation Gallery.

> Non functioning of Drain Holes in the Foundation Gallery due to leaching or grouting material. This leads to huge uplift pressures on the base of the dam.

We have high powered machines which are custom made and hydraulically powered like the flexible drilling shaft and the vertically upward drilling rig for cleaning of the same.