Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation By Hydraulic Rotary Rigs And Tripod-Winch

The basic situation for a deep foundation is where suitable founding strata is not available near the usable portion of the structure at a relatively shallow depth. In such a case there arises a need to provide a medium wherein the load of the structure will be transferred to the founding stratum below which is available at a deeper depth such that open excavations and casting of footings is not possible. Such a medium can be provided in the form of Reinforced Concrete Shafts called Piles.

Piles can be installed by two types, either by Cast-in-Situ, that is by concrete pouring on site or Precast Piles. Two methods can be employed at site for casting them, by Hydraulic Rotary Rigs or by Conventional Chisel and Bailer method.

ZGPL has a Brand New and formidable fleet of rigs of capacity upto 320kNm torque and has the potential to execute large diameter piles in rock upto 2200mm diameter. Also we have the expertise and equipment to deploy Tripod-Winch rigs to sites where the situation and client demand so.