Rock Anchoring

Rock Anchoring (Prestressed And Passive)

Rock Anchors are usually proposed to resist the uplift force that might be induced on the foundations due to hydrostatic pressures, wind loads etc or to control the tilting or buckling of Piles / Diaphragm Walls in case of shoring systems for resisting active and passive earth pressures. Rock anchors are basically of two kinds;

  • Passive Rock Anchors
  • Prestressed Rock Anchors

Installation of Rock anchors is primarily done by drilling a hole of suitable diameter, inserting the anchor assembly, comprising of either Steel Rebars or H.T. Prestressing Strands and grouting the hole with suitable grout. Further stressing the anchors and locking is done with wedges and bearings or by welding of anchor blocks or plates to steel rebar assembly.

ZGPL has managed to make a niche for itself in the Construction Industry, emerging as one of the most preferred companies to carry out rock anchoring works, owing to its expertise and scratchless track record of not a single anchor failing till date on any site.