Static Pile Load Test

Static Pile Load Test (Vertical – Lateral – Uplift) / Footing Load Test

Pile Load Tests are usually carried out for Major Infrastructure projects like Metro Rails, Flyovers, Elevated Roads, Bridges etc, before and during the execution stage of the project. They are of 3 types Vertical (Compression), Lateral and Uplift (Tension).

Vertical Tests are carried out by the Reaction Anchor System using the Crown System, Girder System and Truss system as the Load Transfer Members. We have completed more than 200 Heavy Static Load Tests till date and boast of having done more than 50% of the Pile Load Tests for Mumbai and Pune Metro. We are one of the very few agencies in India possessing the capability of carrying out Tests upto 4000T capacity.

Similarly Footing Tests for ascertaining Higher Safe Bearing Capacities on weathered rocks for High Rise Buildings is carried out by us using the same system.